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Professional / Occupational Boots for Industrial Use

Wellington Boots, made out of customised Thermo Plastic Elastomer in Bi-density and Bi-color, having perfect leg room and stability in most difficult terrain and posture. Boots are available with steel toe cap. Boots are available in British sizes from 5 to 10 and in conformity with Bureau of Indian Standards. High class cotton lining is used with rot proof and mycotic property.

Special Properties:

Sole: Anti Skid and with abrasion resistant peroperty, having very good flex resistivity

Heel: Special design (Registered) for perfect stability, balance and grip. Boots are having arched groove for ladder safety.
Boots are having back spur for easy removal.
Boots are having excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal stability and boots are having height (as per need of user) having pant catcher to provide safety and comfort. Low temperature resistivity, fire retardant property etc. can be imparted on demand. Boots are Chemical / Oil / Acid / Alkali resistant.

Steel Toe:
ISI marked steel toe cap is used. Steel insole can be provided on demand.

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